Four Ways Professional Carpet Cleaning Can Improve Home Life For Your Family

Housecleaning isn’t just something you do to keep up with the neighbors and impress any visitors with how shiny your countertops are. A well-cleaned home is also essential to your family’s wellbeing, and carpet cleaning is no exception. Here are four ways professional carpet cleaning can take care of carpet damage and improve your family’s home life.

1. Keeping carpets safe for kids

Carpets can grab and hold dust particles, dirt and grime, mold spores, and other air contaminants. As an adult, you may not notice this so much because your face is normally at least several feet away from the carpet even if you’re sitting on it. But children and infants live much closer to the floor, so they’re more likely to end up breathing any dust that gets kicked up.
And if they’re toddlers or younger, they’re likely to meet the carpet even more closely as they crawl around on it playing with their toys. Fortunately, having the carpets in your home professionally cleaned on a regular basis will help get up the deeply ingrained grime that’s filtered through the layers, and vacuuming it regularly on your own will help keep it from filling up with dust so quickly.

2. Keeping carpets safe from kids

While your children are your top priority, you also don’t want them to damage your belongings. Keeping your light-colored carpets light-colored can be difficult if you only use surface cleaning, especially with children or pets running around. Professional cleaning can help get each carpet back to its original color. Just because you have kids doesn’t mean you can’t have nice things too!

3. Improving indoor air quality

Although you may not notice it initially (small changes in indoor air are difficult to detect with just your senses), your carpet also harbors mold spores, dust mites, pollen, and other allergens when given the chance. Again, vacuuming frequently (especially with a HEPA filter) can reduce the effect this will have on your indoor air.
Having a deep cleaning by a professional can reach even further down and pull out more contaminants, however. This allows you to start with a cleaner slate–a maximally cleaned carpet that’s not so full of allergens and air pollutants.
Professional carpet cleaning works best as an air quality booster when used in conjunction with a variety of other air quality measures, such as duct cleaning, opening your windows, and running an air cleaning system in your home.

4. Letting you spend more time with your family

Some homeowners feel compelled to deep-clean their own carpets. If you want to do this, that’s your own choice, but without professional training and equipment it can be much more difficult. It will likely take you much longer if you don’t have the experience needed to streamline the situation, and without professional resources, any troubleshooting would be much harder.
If you hire professional cleaning, you can save not only the money you’d spend on deep-cleaning tools and solutions, but also all the time and hassle it would take to figure out how to do the deep cleaning yourself and the effort it would take to do it. Instead, you can spend all that time elsewhere, ideally with your family.
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