3 Reasons to Keep Your Industrial Carpets Clean

The purpose of industrial carpet is to allow for heavy foot traffic and low-maintenance cleaning. Many businesses choose to carpet their floors because carpeting is easy to clean, comes in a variety of styles, and adds a comfortable touch to the office.
Industrial carpet differs from traditional carpeting in one main way: fabric density and carpet padding thickness. Traditional carpet is installed with comfort in mind, so it is often more soft and absorbent with foot traffic than industrial carpet, which is more flat, dense and sturdy. Due to the way industrial carpet is created and installed, it is typically easier to keep clean.
Nevertheless, you should have your industrial carpet cleaned on a regular basis, even if you use a janitorial staff to vacuum your carpeting often. Here are three reasons why you should have your industrial carpets professionally treated.

1. Professional Cleaning Increases Carpet Life

As months or even years of dirt, pollutants, pollen, and other debris gets worked into your industrial carpet’s fibers, the carpeting itself begins to wear out and lose its luster. Improve the life of your industrial carpeting by having it professionally cleaned twice a year, or as instructed by your carpet cleaning specialist.
Areas that receive the most traffic, such as the lobby or hallways, may need to be cleaned more frequently than offices or waiting areas that are used less frequently. Speak to your carpet cleaning specialist about the cleaning method and types of chemicals they use to preserve carpet fibers and keep your flooring look as new as possible.

2. Professional Cleaning Improves Workplace Health

Germs, allergens, and pollutants all gather in every type of carpeting, and the health of your employees or clients can suffer as a result. Since 60 percent of people will come to the workplace already sick, your industrial carpets may also be harboring dangerous bacteria and viruses.
Preserve the health of your employees and create a safer work environment by having your carpeting cleaned by a professional. During cold and flu seasons, your carpet cleaning specialist can arrive more frequently to clean your carpeting as well as other surfaces in the workplace to make the office a safer, less infectious place for your employees to be.

3. Professional Cleaning Makes Carpeting More Attractive

One large benefit of industrial carpeting is the way it’s designed: industrial carpeting is typically created using neutral, stain-hiding colors and has a low fiber pile to keep dirt and debris from sinking into the material. Still, high traffic leads to stains that can give your office a disheveled, unkempt look.
Have your industrial carpet professionally deep cleaned, perhaps with a high steam cleaning method, to break up stains and bring vibrancy back to your carpeting. If you continue to have issues keeping stains away, then consider adding low-pile area rugs to high traffic areas. Of course, rugs should be cleaned on a regular basis as well.
Your carpet-cleaning specialist can create a cleaning schedule so that they can come to your business and clean your carpets without you having to wonder if it’s that time again. You should have your carpets cleaned when your business is closed to avoid having customers and employees walk on the carpet before it is ready to be walked on.
Keeping your industrial carpet clean is not difficult to do, thanks to its overall design. Still, there are many reasons to have the flooring treated professionally a few times a year. At DRC Contract Cleaning, you receive professional care. We even have 24/7 emergency assistance should you need it. Call our team today to schedule an appointment for your carpets.

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