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Crime Scene Cleanup

Crime Scene Cleanup in Southeast Michigan

Crime Scenes at a Glance

Crime scene cleaners have one of the toughest cleaning jobs available. Because each scene is different, our expert team needs to be ready for any situation. Our experts have been specifically trained to clean up the following crime scenes:

Suicide and Homicide

Cleaning up blood and other biological matter requires a cautious approach, to be sure that no bloodborne pathogens and diseases are transmitted. Because of this, special protective measures should be taken. Call an expert, and we’ll get the area cleaned up the right way.

Accident and Emergency

House fires, car accidents, industrial accidents, and medical emergencies require fast and attentive care. Police officers and firefighters will come to your aid, and we will, too. We’re ready to clean up after any accident or emergency.

Tear Gas

Tear gas is extremely difficult to clean up, but until the job is done, the affected building will remain a hazard and should not be entered. Luckily, our team is trained in specialized cleanup and will get your building safe again.

Compassionate Team

As crime scene cleaners, we understand that in times of trauma and stress, you need compassionate and committed service. In addition, we recognize that delicate situations require delicate care, and we pride ourselves on our genuine care and integrity. Because these situations may pose health risks, our team members are trained to have great attention to detail. Contact our team for immediate crime scene cleanup service, and let us help you in your time of stress.

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Crime scene cleaning is much different from any other type of cleaning job. It requires attention to detail, physical and emotional stamina, excellent training, and – most importantly – compassion. At DRC Fire & Water Restoration, we ensure all of those things and more. Call our office today at 888-379-6690 and request immediate emergency service.

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