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Water Restoration in Southeast Michigan

Water Restoration

Water Restoration in Southeast Michigan

If you need emergency cleaning, removal, or restoration in Metro Detroit area, don’t hesitate to reach out. Call now, and we’ll connect you to someone who can help.

Causes of Water Damage

When people think of a property getting water damage, they normally think that the damage came from a flood of some sort. While flooding and extreme snow or rain can cause water damage, there are also many other ways that this damage can occur. Leaky or broken pipes, a clogged toilet, or an overflowing dishwasher can also cause significant amounts of water damage if not properly taken care of. Because of this, an immediate response to water damage is extremely important.

Categories of Water Damage

There are three categories of water damage. Category one refers to minor damages, such as an overflowing sink that contains “clean water.” This water isn’t hazardous to your health in any way. Category two occurs often with broken toilets and is associated with “gray water.” This means that the water could contain bacteria and causes illness if ingested. Category three refers to “black water,” which causes extreme illness and should be immediately resolved.

Classes of Water Damage

Besides the above categories, water damage is also categorized by four classes. Class one is the least harmful class and causes minimal damage. It is easy to clean up. Class two often causes damage to carpet and cushions and is slightly harder to clean.

Class three refers to damage to walls and furniture. Class four causes damages to floors, plaster, and concrete. Classes are often determined by the evaporation rate of the water. Regardless of class or category, however, professional restoration is recommended.

Risks and Hazards

As mentioned above, water damage can present health risks in addition to property damage risks. Depending on the type of water and location of damage, your home and health could be in serious risk as water damage increases mold and bacteria growth in your home. Contact our office today at 888-379-6690 if your property has received water damage, and we’ll come inspect the area.

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