Benefits of Whole Room Disinfection using the Halo Disinfection System

Halo Disinfection System Eliminates the Risk that a Less Effective Disinfectant Solution Leaves Behind

When You’re Looking for A Disinfecting Service, Go for The Best
Everywhere people live, work, and gather are places for community-acquired infections to exist and thrive. Factors like occupancy, hours of operation and availability of downtime for cleaning, all combine to allow pathogens to spread throughout a room and potentially infect their occupants and visitors. The Halo Disinfection System® is designed to address the many challenges that can limit whole room disinfection.

Halosil’s Halo Disinfection System® Is paired with Curoxide, a mixture of high-volume peroxide and silver nitrate, to create a chemical mist that kills today’s many viruses. We use the Halo Fogger to ensure the uniform, dry fogging delivery of disinfectant throughout any complex space, achieving complete coverage with the highest possible efficacy on the market today.

Benefits of Whole Room Disinfection using the Halo Disinfection System:

COVERAGE – Variations in procedures carried out by humans coupled with the inability to wipe in hard-to-reach areas and the lack of uniform coverage makes manual disinfection the least comprehensive method to treat a room. The effectiveness of UV systems for disinfection is limited by line-of-sight factors and the distance between a surface and the light source. The Halo Disinfection System delivers complete coverage, no exceptions. Every exposed surface in a room is treated with aerosolized disinfectant fog for the most thorough coverage in ‘whole room’ disinfection.

EFFICACY – ‘Almost disinfected’ simply isn’t enough. Manual disinfection and UV systems cannot match the EPA validated 6-log kill efficacy (99.9999%) of the Halo Disinfection System.

AFFORDABILITY – The Halo Disinfection System provides the ultimate value in whole room disinfection with an affordable per hour treatment cost and the ability to eliminate spiraling costs associated with community acquired infections.

SAFETY – We use top of the line PPE along with the current safety procedures when fogging a room or building. Our technicians are also knowledgeable and can answer any questions that arise while we are there.

Our Process:

1. After Scheduling your service, we will come out to your location and measure the area of the room to determine the time it will take to sufficiently disinfect every inch of the area.

2. We will then proceed to putting on PPE and inserting our machines into the area that is to be disinfected.

3. We ensure all smoke detectors are out of the way of the main mist from the machine and begin the disinfecting. (direct misting can result in trip of the alarm.)

4. After the correct amount of time is allowed and the room is disinfected, we shut off the machines and pull them out of the room to begin disinfecting the next area.

5. A room needs to be vacated for 1.5 hours after the fogging is complete

Who We Service:

Since 1940 DRC has serviced commercial, industrial, and residential properties. To schedule service, give us a call or visit our website and fill out the form Provided on the contact us page.

Who We Serve

For over 75 years, DRC Cleaning Solutions has been providing professional, janitorial and commercial cleaning services in the Southeastern Michigan area for a variety of businesses. We use state-of-the-art equipment and the latest cleaning technologies in order to keep your office or facility clean, hygienic, and safe. Our cleaning staff is properly trained for each industry we serve and we continuously supervise and audit the services we provide. At DRC Cleaning Solutions our full range of high-quality commercial cleaning and janitorial services are competitively priced, fully insured, and come with quick response times.

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