Why You Should Hire a Professional Window Cleaner

A beautifully cleaned glass window offers an unobstructed view of the surrounding area. Should the glass become dirty or smudged, the pleasure of looking out the window to enjoy the scenery is lost.
While you can wipe down the glass yourself using a paper towel, sheet of newspaper or piece of cloth, it can be quite difficult to get the window completely free of streaks. A professional window cleaner is the best way to go for several reasons.

Professionals Have the Equipment

Anyone can reach the inside section of your windows, but the outside is another matter. Not only do cleaning companies have the proper equipment to get the window glass completely spotless, but they also have the necessary resources to reach all of your windows from the outside — even the ones on the second or third floor. Professionals can make sure all of your windows, even the hard to reach ones, are spotless.
Don’t risk your safety by trying to erect a traditional ladder to clean the outdoor windows yourself.

Professionals Are Licensed and Bonded

Windows are made of glass, and accidents happen when you least expect them. Should you crack or completely shatter one of your windows during the cleaning process, you are going to have to fork over the money to replace it.
If the professional cleaner you hired was the one who inadvertently caused damage to the window, you’ll be covered for any damages. The window cleaner will handle everything for you and have the broken window replaced in no time.

Professionals Save You Time

Take a few minutes to figure out how much time it would take you to clean every window in your home by yourself. Simply multiply how long you spend washing one window by the number of windows in your home.
For example, if it took you 10 minutes to clean one window and your home has 25 windows, that’s 250 minutes of your time, or 4 hours and 10 minutes. When you hire a professional team you will be able to get the job done in a fraction of the time.

Professionals Can Spot Potential Problems

While the professionals are cleaning each of your windows, they will be able to spot the beginnings of any potential problems. A few issues that may arise include the start of wood rot, small holes in a window screen or a clogged drainage channel. This information gives homeowners a chance to repair the damage before it becomes a major expense.

Professionals Are Easy to Prepare For

Once you’ve made the decision to stick with the professionals, you’ll want to take measures to prepare for their arrival. This will make their job much easier and safer.

  1. Take a walk around the outside of your home and remove any planters, ladders or children’s play equipment that may be in the way of the cleaners being able to reach the windows.
  2. Trim any tree branches or shrubs that might scratch the professionals as they clean.
  3. Remove all curtains and blinds from the inside windows. This is the perfect time to toss the curtains in the wash and wipe down the blinds so that they are just as clean as the windows when the professionals have finished their job.
  4. Move any indoor furniture, window boxes, or toys that may make it difficult for the cleaners to reach the windows that need cleaning to a side of the room that just contains a wall (no windows).

When you’re ready to have your windows professional cleaned, contact DRC Contract Cleaning for an estimate. If you have any additional janitorial needs, the company can also create a customized program just for you.

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