5 Ways Your Janitorial Service Can Be a Partner in Business

A clean and healthy business is one vital element to keep good customers and good employees. And you should have a janitorial business partner helping you maintain this cleanliness every day. How can you ensure a quality janitorial partnership? Here are a few things to look for.

1. Good Employer Practices

Just as you want your own employees to care about your company, you also want the janitorial employees to care – both about your company and their own. Ask about the service’s employee turnover rate.

Remember, the more often their team leaders must train new people or accommodate staffing interruptions, the more likely it is that your service will suffer for a while. And new workers may not recognize when something is wrong in hidden areas of your building.

Turnover rates aren’t the only indicator of good employers. What type of employee training is offered? How are employees rewarded for merit? How is the chain of management set up so that people are accountable for the work done? What quality control methods are in place?

2. Additional Services Offered

What additional services can you receive from the same cleaning company? A partner is the most useful when they can help with a variety of business needs. Janitorial companies often offer add-on services like periodic carpet cleaning, window cleaning, hazardous material cleanup, heavy-duty seasonal cleanup, or sensitive environment specialties.

Being able to call on the same trusted company for other needs helps you save money, develop a better relationship, and reduce downtime during emergencies.

3. Transparent Contracts

As you negotiate the agreement between your two companies, the janitorial service’s contract should easily and clearly spell out both sides’ rights and responsibilities. If the language is muddled, you may end up with differences in interpretation, unclear pricing changes, inability to change services, or a lack of accountability.

So what should you look for in a good contract? It should spell out what services are included or not included – along with frequencies and depths of work. Pricing for regular and additional services should be clear. Make sure you understand what’s included in pricing and how it’s calculated. And you should understand what’s expected of you as well.

4. Extra Certifications

As a business owner, you know the value of having the training, certifications, or experienced personnel to handle specific customer needs – like software certifications, construction licensing, or meeting continuing education requirements. The janitorial service you choose should also pursue additional experience indicators in order to serve your needs.

Ask companies about employee training programs and certifications – such as from the IJCSA (International Janitorial Cleaning Services Association) or CIMS (Cleaning Industry Management Standard) certification from the ISSA. Find out if they are part of any janitorial associations with an eye to future innovation. And ask about future company plans to improve services.

5. Efficiency With Your Funds

A quality janitorial service should be able to help you make the wisest choices with your cleaning budget dollars. Can they design a specialized package that meets your needs without adding services you don’t need?

Can they help create a seasonal schedule that accounts for both high and low periods in your business cycle? Are there technologies or methods that will help them provide thorough service while using less time or causing fewer business interruptions?

All these indicators will help you find a janitorial service that will help you stay on top of both your cleaning needs and your limited budget. At DRC Contract Cleaning, we take pride in all our services and our employees and we can be your janitorial business partner. Call today to find out more about how we can serve as your partner in keeping a healthy and happy workplace.

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