Why Do You Need a Professional for Water Restoration?

Why Do You Need a Professional for Water Restoration?

Has a heavy rain storm or broken plumbing left you with a mini flood in your home? Even if the water didn’t ruin your basement and you don’t need to throw everything away, you likely still have water damage.

Now what? You may be tempted to just air out the affected rooms or mop up the water yourself. But when it comes to addressing standing water in your home, calling in a water restoration expert is preferable.

If you’re wondering what professional water damage cleaning can do that you can’t and why cleaning the damage properly is absolutely essential, read on. We’ve listed the top reasons why this job is best left to the pros.

Moldy Sites and Smells

Even if it’s only been a day or so since the water damage started, the mold may have already started to grow. Mold can start growing on wet, moist surfaces in as little as 24 to 48 hours, according to the Federal Emergency Management Agency.

If the mold spores (and the source of the water problem) aren’t eliminated completely, they can return. Not only is mold slimy and ugly to look at, but it can cause less-than-pleasant odors.

When water damage is in an area that guests to your home don’t see often, such as a basement, it’s easy to think, “Out of sight, out of mind.” But the smell can waft through your home, alerting everyone to its presence.

Health Issues

What does mold have to do with your health? In some cases, mold might not cause health problems. In fact, some people have little or no ill-effects when it comes to being around the substance. But others, especially young children, the elderly and people who are immunocompromised, can have serious respiratory reactions.

Mold that’s left behind from standing water can cause symptoms that range from a stuffy nose and watery eyes to difficulty breathing. Removing the mold, and the spores, is the only way to stop this type of allergic reaction from happening. If the spores stay behind (which can happen if you try to clean the mold yourself), you run the risk of having another reaction.

Lasting Damage

Mold isn’t the only issue that water damage can cause. Standing water can cause wood to rot, plaster to crumble and paint to bubble. If your walls, baseboards and floors remain wet, or even damp, you can have lasting damage. Instead of cleaning the water, this may mean that you end up having to replace parts of your home.

Keep in mind, the damage may continue after the water recedes. When the flood water is gone, the leak in your pipe is fixed or the backed-up sewer drain is clear, the walls, baseboard or floors may still be wet. Even a carpet that seems dry may have a soaking, or at least damp, layer of moisture in the padding.

A professional water restoration company can make sure that your home is moisture-free, stopping some of the potential damage before it starts.

Waiting Times

How long can you wait to let the children back into the playroom, cuddle up on the living room sofa or use your basement game room? If you’re giving the water its own time to dry, you may be waiting much longer than you want.
Professional water restoration can reduce the time it takes for you to get back to your normal life — and back to using your home.

Do you have a flooded basement, drenched living room or other water issue? DRC Cleaning Solutions can help. Give us a call today for 24-hour emergency service.

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